I don't think that word means what you think it means (and maybe we're both wrong)

December 2022

trading cards, cigarettes, and worldbuilding beyond capitalism

November 2022

and you can even download it on Steam!

February 2022

Or: Why Miro should be your new favourite worldbuilding tool

January 2022

Happy new year (belatedly!)

December 2021

Or: Announcing The Archipelago, a New Game Project

October 2021

Read on to find out. But first: the triumphant return from my unexpected hiatus

July 2021

I have lots of feelings about maps
Defining worldbuilding, categorizing, and a bonus game about buildings

June 2021

PLUS: Worldbuilding-led Game Design - a retrospective

May 2021

New Projects and a few ellipses

April 2021

Building Worlds Beyond Cops (and also some life updates)